The Look On My Wife's Face Was Remarkable.

My wife, had thrown an adult tantrum in front of myself and my visiting sister. I told her in front of every one to go get the "fanny" strap and bar of soap. The look on her face was priceless. I have spanked her before in front of my sister but not in front of my sister's boyfrind who was also there.

The look on my forty year old wife's face was remarkable. As she returned with the strap, soap and wash cloth. Shortly after there was my naughty wife standing in the corner with dove soap foaming from her mouth. Pants and panties down at her ankles waiting to get the strap. After telling my wife to get over my lap and positioning her for the best viewing by my sister's boyfriend. I started to lay on the leather and during her spanking, I had her repeat what she had spoken in front of my family.

I could not help but laugh as she with a soap bubble beard foaming out of her mouth. Eyes still streaming with tears apologized to my sister and her boyfriend with her pants and panties still around her ankles. Then run up stairs so she could rinse out the horrible taste of soap from her mouth, but not the unquenchable fire in her bottom that would go on for many days. In fact, she slept on her belly for several days afterward.
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As a husband, I understand you are supposed to be the head of the house, but you are not really superior to your wife. Everyone does wrong, maybe she was having a bad day. If my husband was to ever spank me, we would have some serious issues. You are her husband, you are supposed to support her, help her in the bad times and rejoice in the good. Not ridicule her! For crying out loud, she is your wife, she takes care of your home, cooks meals for you, bares children for you, she is your rock to lean on, your therapist, your peace, your hope, your love. Yet you treat her like you are greater than her and child. I am sorry, but that is not respecting the person your promised to spend your life with. By spanking her, especially in front of others, you are degrading her, and frankly, making yourself look like a jerk.

oh my God
shame on you. she is your wife she sleep with you.She gives you peace of mind and with all your problems in life .
what do you think of yourself ?
Are you a perfect man?
Do not you ever done wrong ?
do you think because you are a man you can do whatever you want .
you should be punished in front of others by someone stronger than you, may realize her feelings.
sham on you
you are her husband and mocked him.

I disagree with Dove63. What this person's wife did was disrespectful. That 'turn the other cheek' stuff is BS. All that is, is an invitation to get walked all over. Allow it once and it happens every day. That's the truth. There are no semantics to explore about it. How about 'Do unto others what you would have them do unto you?" We have no idea what the depth of her tantrum was unto him. He was obviously hurt enough by it to retaliate.

If you need a maid, get a maid. There is no Bible verse that reads "Beat thine wife should she ever embarrass thine husband." There are a few instances of a woman is inferior to a man and she should obey him, but treat her with respect and honor. Jesus said "turn the other cheek." Are you blasting Jesus in one instance and cherishing Moses in another? How about do unto others? Are you suggesting a wife should beat her husband if he beats her? I'm more for no violence. Violence is wrong and violence and humiliation in the U.S. violates the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Maybe in a jail cell people who believe in beating their wives can learn how it feels to be beaten and humiliated.

For all the naysayers out there, there is nothing more embarrassing or degrading than having your wife (in many cases for whom you are the sole provider) throw a childish tantrum at you in front of your friends or strangers. It most definitely warrants a spanking. I never treat my wife to my tantrums in public and rarely in our home. So if she wants to be so cavalier, then she can also take a lick or 50 from my palm to her ***.

I feel if she has been warned about this before and agreed to this before hand that lomaz had every right to punish her. If he does not keep her in line she will hurt herself and others by not living up to the standards she had promised to keep.

I'm not to sure that a 40 year old lady should be treated like that. How much do you really love her wen you let her stand bare bottom in front of others. Sounds a bit like you don't know how to love and respect her back

You're not worthy of respect to ridicule and humiliate your wife in front of others.

My husband would never do anything like that. The most I've gotten in front of company was a swat over my jeans. He would never put soap in my mouth and humiliate me like that. This sounds like abuse, not a loving DD relationship.

I agree. I've gotten a swat in front of others before, but not a full on punishment. That just seems so wrong to me. If my husband did that to me, it would not help me at all but it would certainly do harm to both our relationship, how I feel about him and also how I feel about myself by being humiliated like that.

I get swat and scold by my husband, but he has never made fun of me, that was just not right to laugh at her, if you were correcting her, you do it with love

I spanked my girlfriend in front of another couple over the weekend. She didn't know it was coming, but after, she thanked me for it. She even sent them an email thanking them for being understanding. She has been a joy to deal with every moment since.<br />
If your wife is okay with being dealt with that way, I'm glad things are working for you both.

I came across this post as appalling<br />
I had been curious as to why husbands spank their wives and as some wives like it. For me it is best understood as when it is done right & both partners agree that it is right for them, not against another's will, done with love and respect, seems to work for them. <br />
But what you did to your wife was VERY DISRESPECTFUL! I feel very sorry for her. You may always see this as being right bc you are are not just dishonoring your wife but yourself, family as well. You seem to have no self-control and no shame for your actions...sad. <br />
You might be thinking that bc your a man, husband that you can treat your wife any way you please and make her embarrassed but you are the one who should be embarrassed. A husband is to protect not harm his love her like Jesus love his church. A wife is his a helper to submit bc of love not out of fear. <br />
<br />
The woman came from a mans rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superiors. But from his side to be equal.<br />
Under his arm to be protected & next to his Heart to be loved.

I'm only thankful my husband has never spanked me in front of strangers or made me eat soap. He's spanked me hard enough to where my bottom was red and it was hard to sit for a day or two, but never to where I was forced to sleep on my belly either.

I like getting a punishment spanking but the soap was crazy as well as her having to sleep on her belly or days. Sounds like you need a TASTE of your own medicine. Grow some testicles.<br />
Your nothing but a wife beater.

I agree with u Mrshc the soap was alittle harsh & my man would not do it in front of other people.