The First Time I Spanked My Wife

It was from when we first got married that my wife found out how serious I was about spanking as discipline for miss behavior. My behaved like she my sex toy and trophy wife. But she also believed that she could do no wrong. She felt acting like a spoiled child was her right. She had found out the truth after getting roaring drunk at a neighborhood hen party and had to be driven home and helped up to bed. She just got an ultimatum from me submit spanking for misbehavior.

She submitted and that was the first spanking I had ever given her and since then has gets a walloping whenever I think she needs or deserved it. I am always polite to her because I would treat women no other way. She keeps the house clean and drinks only a little when out. But she knows the price of not doing so. She always now asks for permission to go out with the girls because she'd learned from the tanned ***** for when she'd failed to do so and she knew that a second offense would draw a worse penalty and much worse spanking.
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yes i get the same treatment.. but we do 50/50 on housework lol

@Charlie- Some women are more comfortable in this sort of relationship. She submitted to it. There are still many women (and men) out there who find a sense of stability in being disciplined by their partner when they don't do what's expected of them.

you have to remember men dont own their wifes,this is not the wild west,an 1800s,weman have rights,the vote an can own property.....<br />
so your spanking have to be by her concent,if not its spouse abuse an just about every state has laws bout it,be wise an be smart least u end up in jail with big bubba<br />
just saying

Yes, you're perfectly right. Actually in the Wild West women were basically the main force in the household, rather than the reverse. I doubt that many would have been spanked! Maybe saloon girls were...But you're right about the limits: there has to be a contract between male and female if you want to spank your spouse. Usually the woman gets spanked - her *** is more adapted to it, being fatter and more elastic, and the vibrations from the spanking making directly the anus, the ****, and the vagina vibrate; but, in some cases, submissive males will request spankings from their dominant female spouses - usually men with an inferiority complex, like a small peepee for instance. The contract has to specify the limits and the mode of spanking - my first wife loved to be whipped with a small dog whip, tied to a post and whipped, not severely, but hard enough that she would scream and get all wet - this made her hornier than anything else and she needed rough and raw sex right after the whipping. But it was an agreed upon practice, however much she may have cried and fought and insulted the whipper during the procedure as her soft, bare, large *** was covered with slight welts from the whip, with the occasional wandering of the whip's end between the lips or between the cheeks, provoking savage yelps. It's not for everyone...

You need help. My husband disciplines me fairly. You sound like an ***.

my husband control me by punishing and spanking too , I feel i need it for obey him

Yes i think if u dont obey your partner or husband there should be dealt out a spanking.

I agree with you