Late For Church

My wife shows no sense of urgency sometimes. Despite my usual prodding her to get up and get moving, we were recently late for church for the second week in a row due to her staying in bed too long and then not moving in the shower. Of course, everybody notices when anybody arrives late and causes a temporary disruption. After services I made her apologize to the pastor and other members. I told them I guaranteed it wouldn't happen again. I don't really know if anybody knew what I meant or not, but my wife certainly did.

The drive home was stressful as I reminded her of the circumstances which led to the current situation. I also informed her that I was going to spank her when we got home. She silently bit her lip and did not argue.

As soon as we arrived home I had my wife fetch "the belt" and we immediately went into our bedroom. I told her to get her pants and panties off and lay across a couple of pillows on our bed. She looked at me and apologized, then accepted her responsibility, got undressed and put herself into position hips on the pillows butt up in the air. I proceeded to give her 50 strokes across her bare butt. I paused in between every 5 for her to answer why she was being spanked and allow her to rub her burning butt cheeks. She started to cry at around 20-25, her butt turning red and you could see where it had made the most impact. I made the last 5 strokes the hardest for emphasis. After the spanking was over, she got up and immediately fell into my arms, apologizing again. I held her, pulling her body tightly up against mine. After she stopped crying, I released her and allowed her to get dressed. She said she felt better that she paid for her making us late again. We had a great rest of the day together. And guess what, we were on time for church the following week!
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I'm about to do this to my wife. She makes us late for everything.

I would love for my husband to spank me for being late. He spanked me a couple of days ago and I think I will add this to my list of behaviors I want to change. My husband spanked me 30 times. Not sure I could take 50 but I'd like for him to make me. Read my post. Do you think we'll ever get there?

Your story struck a chord with me. When I was growing up, daddy usually spanked me right after the church service - if I had one coming - and mom usually said that I did, due to me being somewhat mischievous during my growing up years and not the submissive little girl I should have been. He worked out of town a lot (a Texas oilfield worker) and when he came home Sunday, mom told him all I had done throughout the week.

50 is alot, are you for real?

Yes, 50 is a lot and I am for real. Let me note, it wasn't a continuous 50, more like groups of 5 at a time spread out over about 10-20 minutes. This was the worst spanking I'd ever given her.

Wow Im sure glad I didnt get that lol

Sir was a very well write story I loved Master and I r going on three mouth and he hasn't spanked me much. I got 13 as my first spanking. Was three on pants. Three on my underware. And 6 bare bottom. And i deserved them. So he didn't go easy on the. Power of the. Swats and he only used his hand I realty hope that I never get the belt. Ty for the story and I learned my leasing and I bet ur wife learned hers

I think, it was very fair & just & it worked. Every relationship is different. People are different. For some couples this works for others it doesn't. It's important to respect everyone & their own relationships. Apparently, they have agreed not this type of relationship.

If she were laying in bed sick, that would be different. She was being like an irresponsible child & needed the spanking. I hate being late. She lucky to have such a wonderful & loving husband. He obviously knows her limits.

my wife seems to need sore bottom when late getting out of house special for church nothing wrong with a good belting to sit in church on wooden pews to make her understand more

You did the right thing by spanking your wife. Sometimes I have trouble getting motivated to get up and get ready in the morning. My husband allows me to hit the snooze one time, but after that if I am still in bed he pulls the covers off, slides me over the side of the bed and gives me 15 cracks with his belt. It may seem extreem, but it is what I need, and I remember to get up on time.

seems alot of women need that belting to get them moving when lagging behind mine does also

That is not extreme.

Strict and Stern wish there were more men like you and me around these days.i enjoy reading your stories please keep me posted on your current wife's behavior.Do you have to correct her behavior often.Would like to see your pic's.My X was always misbehaving and i keep the paddle or hairbrush across her bare bottom.

does she ever spank you or do you think men are better and should be in charge, if that is the case you are a horrible person

I am a horrible person. Please do not read nor comment on my stories. Thank you.

U r not a horrible person people don't understand D/s relationships.

She deserved it

should teach her to get up in time for church

You let her wear pants to church?<br />
My wife would not dare.

Yes I do.

My wife knows that pants on a Sunday morning would be like wearing a sign asking me to put her over my lap. But I guess I'm old fashioned. Obviously.

This is really ironic, I hate being late, and my husband does not have a clue what means being on time, so I normally get on a bad mood when we are going to be late, especially Church, and when I do, I normally get in trouble, and since in the car, I get slapped on my tight, as he says I need to be more understanding, but one time maybe, not most of the time, is so humiliating to be trying to get to your seats when the service has already started

I would definitely get the belt for causing my husband and I to be late for something, repeatedly. My husband doesn't fool around. <br />
<br />
Actually I am facing being whipped for the first time on Thursday, because of getting yet another speeding ticket and hiding it from my husband for weeks. He has decided that my discipline needs to be taken to another level, to break me of my wreckless and dangerous behaviour. I am usually hand spanked or paddled to the point of tears. Tomorrow I am getting the strap though, at four different times of the day, while positioned on the wooden horse. This will be for my "complete and utter disrespect for the law and the speed limit and for thinking you can drive as fast as you want", were my husband's exact words.<br />
<br />
I think your wife got what she deserved and she should be grateful to have a man that loves her as much as you obviously do. There needs to be more real men out there like you. Thanks for sharing. ;)

Does your wife agree with this punishing life style (I think it's called Domestic Discipline), or it is natural for her that you will discipline her when you feel she needs it?

I'm not sure what the difference is. She knows I will spank if I feel it warranted, she accepts this whether she agrees to it or not.

U can't just give her spankings weather she likes it or not its her choice her body u better confirm this with her and if she agrees then do it if u feel the need if not don't she could call the cops or something

How often do you need to spank your wife? Do hand spankings not work?

I don't have to spank her often, maybe once or sometimes twice per month or so. I don't like hand spankings. I prefer implements to kind of take the personal touch out of it, make it more of a disciplinary event. Plus, I think my hand might sting, LOL.

Having been on the receiving end of my Husbands hand I lost any sympathy for it a long time ago but I guess it's a problem. Prob why I'm getting hair brush a lot more now lol

Thanks for your comment. I agree with everything except I don't consider being late for church (2 weeks in a row) a minor infraction. And that was probably only the 3rd or maybe 4th time I've used the belt on her since we've been married. I usually use a paddle.

I don't belt (it evokes bad memories for her since her father, the ultimate jerk, belted her as a kid for anything he didn't like before trying to grope her) but I spank hard with my hand. She's spanked erotically 25 times each morning (part of it tied to a clock striking 7) to keep her *** in shape, spanked punitively 50 times if something's not right or if she's really obnoxious, as women are time and time again. Just like you, she knows - pulls down panties and lies on the bed - and usually does better after crying her heart out as her bottom becomes red.