The first time I was spanked was two years after our marrage.I started to talk back, not listen and kinda be a *****.So my husband warned me but i blew him off so he dragged me up to our room with me screaming and kicking all the way.When we got to the room him threw me onto the bed and told me to roll my short dress up in the belt i had on. I said no and he tried to make me so i bite him.not my brightest moment,i admite. anyway him finally ripped off my clothes,everything. Dress, panties , bra and socks!He gave me 50 strokes on each cheak with a brush,hand,paddle and belt! When he stopped he made me sit next to him and he told me he would do this every night for a month and every day I would meet him at the door after work in nothing but an apron.then he made me lay tummy up on the bed so he could belt my vagina as well. :(:(:( The next day I met him at the door in an apron that coverd my boobs so he spanked me like yesterday and spanked me again that night.He did this for a month and on the last day that month he gave me 500 strokes per cheak using brush,hand, paddle,belt,strap,cane,slipper,whip, hard coverd book and two other thing I forgot.then he used the implements on my vagina and boobs.after my as* had welts bruises and sores for weeks after.We do this 5 times a week to keep me in line:600 strokes per cheak brush hand paddle belt strap cane slipper book fly swatter on my vagina and boobs as well in the diaper,standing,otk,bending over bed, leaning on wall and a position where he sits down i kneel on his leg put my hands around his neck and he spanked me very very very hard while I kiss him and cry on him. following by sex and then he spanks me super hard:750 per cheak hand paddle belt strap slipper cane whip book wooden spoon and fly swatter and then more sex!then he spanks me 10 per cheak with his hand otk more and go to sleep around 2am. have been doing this for 7 years but only 300 per cheak! :):)
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If this is fantasy, cool. But if this really happened, you need to introduce your hubby's head to a baseball bat. I don't judge people who AGREE to spankings, but for a man to think he can spank a woman just because he's bigger and stronger, uh, NO. And just where did your hubby get off thinking HE had the right to "straighten you out"! My blood is boiling.

take pictures...go to your local Catholic Church to a priest without the confession booth...take notes....write another address and phone 800 prayer lines....go to your local mental health hospital....look up one the police.....move to texas where they will put him is against the law...he has brainwashed you. buy handcuffs ....cuff him behind his back.....whip him in the same way....put something in his mouth so no one can hear him scream...go to a harley...they will get him for you. find someone else who will be in a relationship first..then dump him sure your evidence is away from your home. If it is this severe..I am not saying that you are lying...he is beating you. This is not love.

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No one could possibly withstand that once, let alone daily. This is fantasyland for you. However Women should be spanked at least twice a day by the primary male in their life, ALL women and girls, regardless of age, should be spanked by ANY male member of the family who is an adult, brother, father, uncles and even sisters boyfriend should be spanking women to keep them behaved.

my husband and I started domestic discipline 1 month ago as my behavior is really out of control I get daily spankings to keep me in line I am a very unruly wife last night although I was exceptionally bad I received 300 spanking 100 with a belt in 200 with a wooden paddle and in the morning before my husband went to work he gave me another 100 spanking with a belt needless to say my bottom is very sore my daily spanking usually consists of 100 lashes with a belt I don't look forward to my daily spanking when he gets home but I love my husband and I want to be a good submissive wife

Stupid story. This is a fantasy not a real life experience

nice story

??? Can this be true? I have trouble believing that the body can take this many strokes, lashes or whatever the word is. I am rather turned on by the idea of doing it in different positions, though!

This is fake... And if it was real y didn't u do anything about it cops divorce tell ppl fantasy...

It does sound like fantasy - because that number of blows??? Naw. But fun to read!

total fantasy abuse here Lisstamm. Sorry

This is abuse! Not taken in hand for domestic discipline. It's just wrong!!

I am sure this isn't real, Lisstamm. And, I don't mean to be rude, here, but I think a VERY young male wrote this. There isn't much detail (funny word!) and no emotion or asking for advice.


I'm sorry to say but this sounds more like fantasy

this is silly.