I Am A Spanked Woman

I am paddled when I misbehave as a last resort. I do not look forward to it. It is very real and very painful. I often request to be restrained because I am unable to be still. This will always result in harsher spanking but moving causes more strokes.
FlowingHoney46 FlowingHoney46
46-50, F
7 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I would be interested in talking with you. I spank my wife.

Its for your own good and I'm sure you feel the benefit of being spanked.

I think right very harsh swats is worse then alot of swats that aren't so harsh. But moving is never a good idea. The main reason you shouldn't move is so your not permintly injured from a swat being placed wrongly on you.

I would love to chat with you. I, too, am in a TiH marriage. Would love to have someonbe to talk to.

I know just how you feel my master informed me I am in great need of a spanking for misbehavior, and will receive it today. They are very real and very harsh. Mine insists that I be retained because I cannot be still.

my mom (R.I.P) used to say, "but you don't know when to stop!"
you would do your behind a great favor by learning when to, STOP!

It's for our own good sweetie