Good Wife

My wife and I have been together for years. She is adorably cute and loving and she always does her best for me. We are not in any way religious. I have always smacked her bum when she is being cheeky, normally just a swat or 10 across her jeans/skirt. She's always liked it as long as I don't smack too hard. She will only accept a proper spanking if she knows she had made a mistake and it's wound me up.

I nearly always warm her up with a a hand spanking over clothing, normally with her over my knee. Then I will pull her jeans down and spank her harder. She has been spanked to tears on several occasions (not that this takes much) I have used a thin cane on her, my leather belt, wooden spatulas, the wooden spoon, dressing gown cord and many other implements over the years. At one point i was giving her a proper spanking almost everyday, now it's more like every couple of weeks.

The most punished she has ever been in one session is spanked until cheeks are red, plugged (front and back), diapered, ball-gagged and tied to bed. I have also given her corner time and made her crawl around for an evening. She always shows me more respect after a spanking, she will often suck me straight after, then we have sex with her cheeks still glowing red. I never push her to hard and she consents to this kind of treatment as she knows how much pleasure I gain from it, i think she also likes submitting to me...haha!

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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Thank You for sharing while can relate as my late-wife was no stranger being taken over my knee on occasion when necessary.