Honeymoon Spanking

My late-wife of 30+ years were equals, per se while at the sametime she appreciated the fact I wouldn't hesitate taking charge on occasion in the old fashioned time honored manner. The first time I spanked my wife was on our honeymoon and this is how it transpired........

It was the morning after our wedding as she
looked ravishing in a short sundress as we were preparing to
go downstairs for brunch.

I was sitting on the bed whereby motioned for her to come
where I was itting and as she approached I slid my hands
beneath the hem of her dress and as my hands clutched her
pantied bottom cheeks I began to softly kiss her pantied
mound while soon tasting the sweetness of her pantied

My tongue lightly traced the pantied slit of her opening
before gently sucking as she began to softly moan as her
hips arched while continung to suck. Her hands reached to
lower her panties whereas I paused to murmur "Not Yet"as
more often then not love to slowly delayer. Continueing to
suck as she became more arroused, as was myself, however not
ready to lower her panties as of yet.

She once again tried to lower her panties whereby once again
told her "Not Yet" however she once tried once again to
lower panties anxiously awaiting my tongue whereas I stopped
and said "You want your panties sown-I'll take your panties
down". In less time then it takes to type this I yanked her
panties down in one swift motion before taking her over my
knee and believe me I sizzled her bare botom cheeks like
there was no tomorrow.

When finished as she was still bent over my knee I softly
whispered "When I say No I mean No"as my right hand lightly
was carassing her burning bare buttocks told her "Trust I am
making myself clear Young Lady"as she murmured through tear
stained cheeks "Yes Sir".

I then paused as my right hand lowered between her slightly
parted legs before my finger lightly traced the slit of her
opening before sliding between the lips of her opening and
gently massaged her hard growing sensitive **** while then
giving her a good fingering as she was moaning with

When finished I stood her up and while facing away from me I
lowered her well spanked glowing *** checks onto my
throbbing mushroom head as my hands firmly cupped her
beautiful full breasts. I could feel the inner muscles of
her warm juice filled tunnel spasm and constrict before
rising her up and down onto my throbbing mushroom head and
swollen shaft before ******* like there was no tomorrow.

Afterwards we cleaned ourselves up and made our ways
downstairs to have a delightful Brunch while at the same
time seeing her radiant smile while sitting gingerely on a
pair of well spanked bottom cheeks while no doubt she knew
when I said No I meant No!
Lonny55 Lonny55
61-65, M
6 Responses Dec 23, 2012

Oh what a beautiful story. So sorry about your loss.

i m also very sorry to read that you lost your wife

hmmm.. sexy

Someday I may meet a man as willing to take charge as you were. In the meantime I'm finding you have to date a lot of toads to find a lion. Sorry to hear your wife passed.

Good for you, Lonny. I'm sure both of you felt blessed to get this settled so early in your marriage. You may have set a record from alter to spanking!

That's an incredibly beautiful story, I am so sorry to hear that she has passed.