My First Time In Front Of Guests

I had been spanked many times before by my husband, it was always the same drill and I knew what to do when I was told I'd earned a spanking. I had never actually managed to earn one while we had guests over until that day and I'll never forget it.

I had been expected to have the house completely ready for company that day, house tidied up dishes finished, nothing major just the normal stuff. Well while my husband was at work I had been a little lazy and as a result when he got home with the guests, two other couples who would be having dinner with us that night, I hadn't done the dishes yet and because of this we were short the dishes we needed to feed our guests. When he found out it didn't take him long to call me into the living room as he always does.

The words left me stunned. "You've earned a spanking go get ready." I started to protest there being guests over, but he said it would be exactly the same as always I i reluctantly left and headed to the bedroom to *****. My husband always spanks me naked he feels the embarrassment of not being allowed clothes helps drive the punishment home, and I have to agree he's right. After I was naked I returned and handed him his belt like always, I knew our guests were watching and it made it that much worse when I bent over his knee for my spanking. He gave me a good 20 smacks with the belt across my sit spots, our normal punishment for neglecting chores, and as usual I had to finish my neglected chores naked after. I went to the kitchen and washed the dishes by hand and I could feel the eyes of our guests on my red bottom as I did what I should have done hours ago, then it was right back to the living room for time out in the corner as usual. Fortunately I had only missed one chore so I was only there five minutes before I was finally free to go get dressed.

From then on any time we expected company I was sure to not slack off on my chores.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

I don't know about this. Your body is a gift that only your husband should get to have, not for everyone to see. Didn't this make your guests feel weird?