My First And Only Spanking

Hey guys, at first sorry for me bad english, its not my home language

some months ago I was spanked for the first time in my life. The spanker was an old, conservative woman from my neighbourhood, who dosent like my anyway. Ok, Ialso did anything to provocat her, like do loud Party all night, tanning naked in the backyard ;-) and I had also Trouble with her granddaughter. She pissed me off so I slapped her. Well, she really dosent like me and then I did a painful Mistake. I saw one evening her cellardoor stand open and I went in to steal a bottle of vodka, but I got caught! The oldie starts yelling like hell, she grabbed my arm, we start a short fight, but in the end she hold me down. Then she bared my butt and spanked me for maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Her slaps were really hard, but the most she fondeled my butt (pervet oldie !!!!) and it looks like she had really fun and enjoy it. When she let me go i ran at home and saw in the mirror my butt was really red, so she did a "good" job. I never told it anybody it was too embarrasing. It didnt made a good girl of me, but I didnt start trouble with older persons since this time.
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Dec 8, 2012