What I Need

to walk in the room and see he means business. no discussion needed, i walk over and stand in front of him. he reprimands me for my most recent transgressions and then asks me "so, because of all of that, what is going to happen now?" i mumble back, "i'm going to get a spanking, sir." without another word, he pulls me into position - straddling his knee. he rubs my bottom as he tells me exactly what my spanking will entail. then he starts spanking my *** hard ignoring my squirming & wiggling. soon, i feel his fingers slip under my waistband, and my bottom only has a thin layer of panties to protect them. i whimper. the spanking continues. he eventually stops & rubs my bottom, reprimanding me more. then, "so, you know i'm not finished right? stand up and pull those panties all the way off because you don't deserve to be able to have those on..." i obey and remove my panties before him. back over his knee i go....finally, he is done. i am in tears...and soaking wet.
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You do need that....