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I Needed A Spanking

I had been out of sorts and moody for a few weeks when I realised what I needed was a spanking. Most people would pidgin hole me in the butch dyke category but I would say I'm a man trapped in a woman's body. I have a Master who is a boyish woman and so likes to be called Master and she calls me boi. I had not been spanked for months, life has a habit of getting in the way, but it had not really bothered me. I knew I was sad but did not realise why, then yesterday I realised what was wrong with my attitude, it needed adjusting! I knew I needed a spanking, Master and I had been arguing quite a lot recently and were barely speaking so getting the spanking I desperately needed wasn't going to be easy.

Sure enough it didn't take long into the afternoon for us to start bickering, She was complaining that I was not dealing with phone calls I had to make, I told her I couldn't think straight and when she asked why I threw caution to the wind and said 'because I need a spanking' she replied 'well your not bloody having one, the way I feel now I wouldn't stop' I felt hurt but at the same time knew she was right about that, I did need a spanking but not with Her that angry. Nothing much else was said and I took the dogs out for their walk. I hoped She would have realised that giving me a spanking may make her feel better too and when I got home she would spank me but no it didn't happen.

This morning She woke me, squeezed my hand and said 'that beanbag wasn't a waste of money after all, your going over it for a spanking, I just tried it out and its quite restraining, you sink into it a bit so you can't move easily or get up so you won't be able to avoid the whacks' I smiled. In the afternoon she told me to bare my bottom and get over the beanbag with my legs apart. I did as I was told lowering myself over it, my legs sank into and I realised I could not close my legs so my ***** was very exposed.

Master used a riding crop, a wide leather paddle with small holes in and a long thin wooden paddle with holes in, I was in heaven, the sting of the implements (Master likes to swap round) was like an old friend who took me away from the crap of life, all that existed at that moment was the sting of the strokes and the knowledge that there would be another. Master started quite slowly building up the strokes, she stuck mostly to the lower cheeks every now and then landing a sting to my exposed ***** lips. My ***** dripped as it betrayed me, before I would have liked Master told me to get up as she wanted a *** break, I took hope in the word break that the spanking was not over. As I finished my *** she told me to go back over the beanbag and so I willingly and great fully did so and my spanking continued but harder than before and more whacks to my ***** lips and thigh tops.

Master told me to go and make a cup of tea which I did, I sat my pink hot bottom down on the sofa thinking my spanking was over but as I finished my cuppa I was told to get back into position, I was more than happy to do so I needed to be sore. Master has a theory that an already spanked bottom has become accustom to the pain so she need to come in harder and she did, still mainly concentrating on my lower cheeks and *****, the strokes were getting hard to take now but I kept thinking how much I needed it and soaked it up. More blows were landing on my ***** now and I was having trouble keeping quiet, master allows me to gasp and wriggle but she doesn't like me moaning to much, three strokes in quick succession whipped down on to my ***** and I could not help a moan escaping my lips 'whiney' said Master as she struck the backs of my legs just above my knees and on my calfs making me feel so Mastered and helpless, my mound humped desperately against the beanbag as my **** tried to find pressure against something, Master finished me of with hard and fast, first on my butt checks but finishing on my *****.

I felt much better, I spent much of this evening enjoying the stinging of my hind quarters and my whole ***** was throbbing with need for release, a few times i wanted to ask for permission to rub my **** but i felt to embarrassed and hoped Master would let me bring myself to ****** when I went to bed. She went to bed and did give me the permission to ***.

My prediction for tomorrow? Master will most likely spank me again tomorrow and begin much harder reasoning that my buttocks are accustomed to the pain and my **** will throb but because I have been given permission to *** tonight I will be denied tomorrow night and will have to try to sleep with my buttocks aching and my **** hot, swollen and throbbing but believe me, I ain't complaining.
Stelaisher Stelaisher 46-50, F 1 Response Nov 5, 2013

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Sometimes a good spanking is all that is needed to make life right again. I am glad you finally got yours. :)