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Spanking Makes Me Horny..

I've never been spanked, but the other night while lying in bed beside my older lover I asked him if he would ever spank me.. He was taken aback by my request and said it didn't turn him on at all.. He likes straight sex, no kinky stuff. I was quite embarrassed that I'd broached the subject.. Now I feel awkward.. But honestly, I would love a little over the knee naughty girl spanking. No knickers, Legs open, my butterfly exposed, a gentle smack and an accidental flick on my clitty.. Ooh... Then a smack on the cheeks, then a rubbing between the legs...
He didn't get it... And I'm feeling a little shy now! :-(
SavannaBee SavannaBee 51-55 2 Responses Nov 18, 2013

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I love your candor and attitude!
- It is really funny - my wife will never admit to me that she likes being spanked or f'd in the arse, but really seems to enjoy both when we do them, lol. She says I am the kinky one, but she is SUCH a WILLING playmate! She doesn't let me show her off any more, and gets down-right hostile if I mention bringing in any friends for her to play with (male or female...)

Don't be shy keep asking. My hubby did it for the first time at the weekend i think i enjoyed it much more than him but given time he might come round ,anyway he was quite good at it.