My Punishment Continues...

Just had my morning spanking. Was horrible! I'm still shaking. He spanked my bare bottom so hard and fast and so long my eyes were watering. Then before he walker out the door down my pants went again for more over the couch. Then he grabbed his jacket and told me he'd see me after work for another one. Was worst one yet!
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wonder what you did to get spank so often

I feel sorry for you!!! NOT!!! LOL

Do you give him also a good spanking once in a while? Were you a naughty girl? I love to be spanked too........

No, I wish. He doesn't like to be spanked. I used to date pretty boys and they were fun to spank but this one's very manly!

But in the past you gave also spankings to your friends? Woow I love to be spanked too. I also like the writing about this. What does Otk mean? Sorry English is not my first language. Are you also into the lifestyle?

Over The Knee

The hits keep on coming. You asked for it and your boyfriend sure answering your request. Spanking in different rooms and positions sure is fun!!

When will he reward you? How?

I like to give long spankings and take my time to be sure all of the bottom is roses RED.

I can see his point especially if going to be late for still need it and it needs to be done.

Shouldn't he wait until I'm not sore? Still have a few marks?

I am not sure of your situation and what gets to you the most.

In my opinion at your age the more time you spend OTK the more it gets into your memory.

That's for sure!

you get spanked lately?

No, tomorrow which I'm dreading. He said it will be longer and harder which I can't imagine. I'm still sore from Wednesday.

You have the butterflies in your tummy yet?

Oh yes. Ever since he told me when it would be.

I know that feeling!

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You better putt some ice on your bottom!

No doubt! Man it stings so bad.

Was this with the hairbrush?

No, just hand. Thank God it wasn't the hairbrush! That thing hurts worse. I was already bruised so he just used his hand but it was bad. I was pleading and kicking and squirming and he held my I couldn't cover....that's the worst. He didn't go easy on me at all, quite the opposite.

He's working late tonight so hopefully no 2nd spanking tonight....supposed to be spanked twice a day this whole week. I'll probably get that horrible brush in the morning though!

That poor bottom :(

Well? did you get the brush?

No, thankfully. No spanking today and I'm so glad. He said I've been punished enough for this week after the horrific one yesterday morning. Never thought I'd be happy to get out of a spanking but boy I am. He said next week they resume unless he feels I need another one. He said next week they will be longer and harder which I can't imagine. I'll never forget the one I got yesterday or the feeling of having to look at him after he told me to stand up when he was finished.

I bet your butt is happy!

Not yet. Still feels like I just got paddled.

You must have got a good one? Good thing you got off today!

It sure was. It still hurts so bad.

He only used his hand? He must have a strong hand?

Yep but I'd also been spanked twice a day all week so I was pretty sore to begin with. The day before I got the hairbrush.

Very naughty girl!!!

Basically a horribly bad attitude and I'm apparently a little snobby and mouthy. I learned this time well.

Hi I suggest you get some witch hazel and arnica cream to apply on your bottom after the spanking it helps with the healing of your spanked bottom

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