Got Pregnant In A Unusual Way Lol

I was 19jears old and was visiting my friend aneène i use to use drugs in the past so i used that day chrystal mith i was already hi and about 6:00pm i decided i am going to have a drink to then i got drunk also about 6:30pm i wanted to go to another town by train were my steph parents lived i stil dont know how i got there but i did so i walked into the wrong room and had sex with my sissters boyfriend unknowingly that night so the next morning when we wake up i got a fright and slaped him trough the face.i got dressed and bumped into my sisster we are identical twins! And my sissters boyfriend tought he slept with my sisser but he slept with me she asked me what i was doing in his room i replied i dont know what happend ask him i walked away and just heard a fight going on so i went back to my friends 3months after that i got sick,nauzy my friend told me (you are pregnant)i replied dont be silly my steph father sigested i must go for a pregnancy test so i went a week after they sigested i must go when i got to the clinick the sister did a blood test and told me that i was devinetly pregnant! I told my other friend stefanie that and she told my sisster ex-boyfriend he was so shocked he let the patatoes fall and came to my steph parents house i told him yes im pregnant so i phoned my grany and told her she was not happy believe me i visited my other friend aneène and my grany knoked when i opend the door she hitted me with a fist trough the face over a dobble bed my friend told her to leave 3days after that my grany phoned me and asked told me that she is very sorry what she she loves her grandson lol
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Im happy to tell everybody that i am this boy's Father and love him Very Much! I love you BigTiger7,see you on Monday!

LOVE YOU TO!!see you on monday and thanks for being there always

oh, it is unusual indeed. how's your baby?

My baby is going to have his 6th birthday next month and he is doing well thanks just very naughty lol

Hi,im the Father of BigTiger7's son! I LOVE HIM/HER VERY MUCH!!!

ok, this is kinda awkward. :/