Some One Spank Me

I really need a spanking i want to be put over your knee and be spanked then you can pull my panties down and expose my red bottom then spank me some more then get you your favorite hair brush and hit me hard ;) message me if you want to spank me
Sally1235 Sally1235
18-21, F
4 Responses Sep 22, 2012

*gets in line*

If you need a spanking message me please include a photo.

Sally yes I would love to spank you I have several different kind of brushes as well as a bath brush I think that would fit nicely across your bottom let me know what you think message me back

I know what it feels like, wanting to be spanked and can't find someone to do it to you. It's hard to spank your own bootie. I would be willing to spank someone if they would spank me back.

argeed only if i can spank you first