They Were The Only Ones Saying Anything!

i saw a couple on the bus today communicating with ASL. The whole bus was quiet, and it struck me as amusing that they were having such a vivid, colorful, expressionistic, BEAUTIFUL conversation.  The gestures were big and yet intimate at the same time. It was really cool to watch. i could make out a few things, mostly from their body language and the context within which they were signing.

It was really a special little moment for me today.
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Sign language is a wonderful tool when used properly. My (ex) sister-in-law and her husband are both deaf. I only knew the alphabet when I met her for the first time (I do not remember why or how I learned). But, I wanted to talk to her. She was always smiling at me as if to say "you are welcome to my family". So slowly, I would spell a word and she would teach me the sign. Over time, I learned more than my ex. I remember one day we went to get some pizza. She stayed in the car with the kids while I went inside. The guy asked if I wanted some cheese and peppers (which I do not use) so I turned around, found a window and asked her if she wanted some. It was so funny the look on the guys face when I turned back and said "yes, please". Priceless.

be careful, many deaf don't like to be stared at. i certain don't, it can makes them feel insecure and awkward.

I know a woman who's deaf and she told me when she carries things she can't talk LOL which is so true. She's taught me lots of words, its so hard to remember since there's no point in writing them down, its not like I'd have my notes handy next time I needed them and learning new words from a book is also useless since I would need to see it being used to truly understand the sign. <br />
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I've noticed when she speaks with others who are also deaf, its so hard for me to keep up, Like I suppose any other language I don't know well, those that are fluent speak very fast.

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I agree, it is truly one of the most beautiful, unheard language,ever..<br />
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