Sign Language

I'm hearing, and I've been signing for about 10 years now... I'm in college majoring in Deaf Education... My best friend is deaf, and I have a huge group of deaf friends that I hang out with regularly... My sign name is the sign for 'fish', but with the letter "T" :)
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3 Responses Mar 31, 2012

I've been wanting to learn ASL for years but for me it's difficult to learn just from videos and books. I need to see, do, and interact. I have never met a deaf individual and had any kind of interaction. Where I have grown up and still live it have never met a deaf person, there are no signing groups or classes to take. I just think about how much I could have learned by now if there were some of these things set in to place.

How wonderful. My son is in college and his "foreign" language is American Sign Language. He loves it. So good to see someone who is hearing who can sign. Good for you!

He really loves it and goes to special weekends called silent weekend. I am glad he stuck with it! :-)

me too! since you have one as well! :-)

I think that sign language should be made a part of the regular school curriculum. Before long, it would become a part of everyday communication. There would no longer be a need to shout at each other on the buses. All people should be able to sign. Imagine...................... no more isolation for the deaf. All store clerks able to serve them and all doctors able to tell them what is happening, all court proceedings being totally open and comprehensible to all deaf people, everywhere.

For sure. <3