Wasn't Born Deaf, Became Deaf, And God Gave Me A Miracle

When I was about 6 I went to Hawaii with my family. I was in the ocean on a boogy board and I was about 300 feet away from the floating trampoline. Then this huge wave came and I was like "oh I'll swim under it, but my boogy board wouldn"t come loose of my foot and when I tried to go user my boogy board completely flung me around hitting me in the ribs and face. The board hurt my head and pushed me very low (as the string then ripped). The pressure of the water and the crazy amounts of rumbling sand ruined my ear drums and I couldnt hear again.

My parents consistently talked to me and noticed that I had bad hearing but they never understood that I couldn't hear for about 1 month. At that time, they didn"t know what to do, so I was deaf for 3.5 years. Then I got sergery and now i can hear fine. It was lonely when I couldn't hear because I could talk to people, and I could read their lips, the one thing that I missed the most was music. I could touch the stereo system and feel, but I missed the sound of music.

Now I'm re-learning sign language because when I was 6.5 I taught myself but no one else in my family learned. :)

Anyone have any good resources that help them learn?
Froggy6 Froggy6
18-21, F
Apr 8, 2012