It Leads Me to Lieing

In the middle of a conversation, I'll 'remember' something that is pertinent to the subject, or that would sound cool. It has led to a myriad of lies that are either little white lies, or gigantic ones, that are carried on for years and years. I never feel comfortable on these subjects...I lied to one of my best friends about losing my virginity (because she told me she did.) I have also fabricated out-of-school boyfriends and friends, when I felt bad about being rejected. I am still carrying on lies from speaking before I think to this day. And I continue to make little white lies. I feel horrible about it, and need to stop.
Pirately Pirately
18-21, F
2 Responses May 17, 2007

ok enough of that already you will soon be getting too old for that. I heard of someone who lied about the virginity thing and even the imaginary boyfriend, but isn't that exhausting. No need to tell them you lied in the pass, but no need to keep this going. As a matter of fact one more lie tell them he cheated and its over u r on the market again.

I thought I'm the only one who has this stream of trivias (truths and lies alike) that gets active whenever I get into a conversation.. I always get trapped when they mention what I said days after our conversation. Maybe I just want to impress them with the things I say or I don't want to be left out. But good thing I'm done with that now.. Hope you could, too. At least you're aware and admitting it, that's the first step. =)