Can You Be Serious When Holding A Conversation With A Cat?

Posted by moonface2
Not really, I hold convos about his smelliness, fluffiness and bootifulness...while he eyes me with utter disdain :(

Posted by alwayshungrylol
Totally, however the cat likely thinks i'm an idiot.

Posted by nakedeyes
Of course. Cat chats are the best.

Posted by ajadl
Of course, and I would be grateful if you'd quit interupting

Posted by warlock111

Posted by Colourbox
Yes. Chasing meeces is a very serious subject matter for my puss-cat.

Posted by plungesponge
I think my cat was more serious than I was. I think she gave up on serious conversation and just dumbed everything down for me.

Posted by Zaradin
I can, but I think they ridicule me behind my back. In fact, I'm sure of it. My parrot is in on it too. There was a coup d'état at my house a long time ago.

Posted by Literaturegirl
My cat talks to me... She says hello, goodbye I'm going out, I want more food/attention/something to drink... But I can't be serious no, because she's just too funny and cute!

Posted by kessie
my darling puddy cat passed away earlier this year. We often had conversations but rather than talk out loud it was done by ESP. She was a bit snobby and wouldn't answer me but she understood me sending messages to her I am sure.

Posted by auntpat23
Of course! When I'm petting and talking to her I know she understands simple phrases like: "your so sweet", "i love you" etc. She purrs very loudly and rubs against my hand, and kisses me.

Posted by HStoner
If the cat wants to be serious. Frivolity aside, I find that I and my cats communicate pretty effectively. I haven't tried to discuss quantum physics with them, but we quickly reach clear mutual understandings on less complicated matters.

Posted by IjustWantToBeAtHome
Of course, we all need to be serious sometime and the only way to understanding each others is communication!

Posted by SunnySmile
I really hope you can, as its my daily routine :)

Posted by GodsLilJester
I don't know about cats, but you can with dogs. At least I could. He's the only one that would listen to me.
My cat would just give me the stink eye as if to say, "Why are you speaking to me?".

Posted by juicytaco
I don't have a pet but I often find myself talking to other people's dogs and cats.

Posted by bubblegum84
Never really thought about it.

Posted by k1nudey
Coming from a guy who moos at Cows this may sound strange, but no if you are sane.

Posted by Dave748
I do it every day.

Posted by Pixiedaisy
It depends how good the magic mushrooms were ;-P

Posted by  Connifer

We all sound like Charlie Brown's parents to a cat. "Whaaaa wh whaaa wha whaaa...." How can that be construed as serious?

Posted by  BlueGeorgia

No, but my wife can.

Posted by Troubleshooter

I am ALWAYS serious in talking to my cats. They respect me for it ... sorta!

Posted by c8lorraine
Absolutely ! My cats understand perfectly and I understand their communication as well

Posted by penguinswon
I've given up on my cat. He's stubborn and ornery... Now, the dog, he's different. He has this little moan/growl he does.. If I imitate it, he carries on...

Posted by dorobo
Depends on what the cat says.

Posted by Nimbus123
Try speaking Welsh or change the topic to Beddgelert. :)

Posted by KATENICH
I've had conversations with my cat, which talks constantly, but seriously holding a conversation - NO

Posted by SilverwindFara

Posted by biondetta
certainly, mine made noises like a frog this morning, when I asked why, he commenced his mad 10 mins. which involves mock attacks and rolling on his back combined with more conversation.

Posted by theloved
Yeah, animals can understand alot. Years ago I owned a duck that I called an attack duck. He would attack everyone that went into the yard, even me. One day I got fed up with not being able to go in, so I picked him up, held his neck, got in his face, and in the most forceful way I could , told him "you will stop this! you will never attack me again!" He never did attack me again.

Posted by LonghornFan
Have to. They are my office staff and I still can't get one of them to file properly...

Posted by citystargazer
Only briefly. When she "talks" back, and she does, I can't keep that up. :)

Posted by AriesRSA
Try , it might prove to be interesting.

Posted by PseudonymRecent

no, that's the fun of it.

Posted by HStoner Jul 29th, 2010 

If the cat wants to be serious. Frivolity aside, I find that I and my cats communicate pretty effectively. I haven't tried to discuss quantum physics with them, but we quickly reach clear mutual understandings on less complicated matters.

Posted by DrMedia Jul 28th, 2010 

Not if the cat has a sense of humor. Then I can't resist cracking a joke.

Posted by blueroseAug 18th, 2010 

I often hold conversations with my cat and he understands purrfectly!

EarthlingWise EarthlingWise
6 Responses Jul 25, 2010

I loved your story!My chat Sandy understands me very well....sometimes she simply chooses to ignore me.ahahhaha!Silly chat, but I still love her so!



my cats understand English very well, but sometimes choose to ignore me......just like kids.

I bet you have, we have been friends for a while now! :)

What a wonderful assortment of kitty (and duck and dog) communication comments!<br />
I've been talking to animals since I've been about 3 years old and of course they talk back! :)