I Love Animals...including Sweet Loving Cats!

Meow......... Love spending time & cooing, they love it too. I think I'm really an animal, just look human.  I connect w/animals in a way I just don't w/humans.

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6 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Awww, that's a shame Merily. I completely understand about having to give up something you love or enjoy because of allergies. <br />
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Cats can be very comforting, especially since they are more independent and so they 'choose' to spend their time with you. Are you also allergic to Dogs or other furry pets?

well that's not always true destiney24. I've had instances where I've felt sad or lonely and had a pet not want to be near me. I think it's all in how YOU feel. If you feel love and wanting to give love, they feel that and then are receptive.

I talk to my cats too. They're my "kids".

It would be great to find a person that understood me frito414.<br />
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Ah, myart your cat seems so sweet. Cats are so affectionate. They can enjoy just rubbing against you, having their chin scratched or just being near.

i love cats too. my cat has been so loyal to me. i have had him for almost 9 years! he has been through a lot with me. no matter what, i can always count on him-- (that seems like a rare quality sometimes even in people). he loves me unconditionally. ...and that kind of love is pretty great, no?

Me too. Cats are wonderful. I bet with the right people you connect just fine. Sometimes we need people who understand us.