Waste You Saturday At Chinese School

Well I spend every Saturday stuck for 6 hour's in Chinese School. I am halfie Chinese (Taiwanese/Italian cross) but  my Taiwanese mother left when I was a kid so my dad doesn't speak any mandarin. Needless to say I was really behind when dad put me in Chinese school when we moved in grade 3. Then in Grade 6 my Dad decided to go teach English in Taiwan, again, and I went to a school in Taiwan for a year of middle school. Well when I came back to Canada I was caught up in my class and even a little ahead thankfully. But Chinese is SOOOOOO boring now. Well I am at least glad I can speak, read and write almost fluently.   

LuiAiyi LuiAiyi
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Yes, Keep it up!<br />
As my English is poor, I'm making great efforts to improve English.

Keep it up!