I want to have excellent writing skills

although I can speak english almost fluently... I do need practice.. I wish I can write just as well.. I want to write a fan fiction so badly.. but I know it will come out bad. (!_!) writing itself is a talent.. haizz

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yeah.. it couldn't translate "perli" to english.. took me an hour to remember what it is in english..

but google translate translates poorly some things..heh.<br />
sometimes you don't know what it had in "mind"

the rules.. herm.. I sometimes write like I speak which is never a good thing... I love translating phrases to my language though.. I guess that's why its so difficult to turn towards creative writing in English at the same time.. but there's the google translate which is capable to do anything.. lol seriously though I read and read and read and forget the vocabs.. ;(

read more manga then xd it really helps with vocabulary and all..<br />
i prefer to write than to speak xd i always was good on writing tests xp<br />
but i sometimes forget the rules..haha. but as long as someone understands it's enough

ahahaha will do.. ;) thanks for the comment

hey dont worry keep on posting the exp and ur feelings some day u will get know how to write fiction ... 1 st u have to feel the incident that reallywas happened in ur life ....<br />
just put ur creativity and ur language will improve and u finally writes a good story <br />
<br />
i hope u will soon rock on this ep

the proof of can speak but not writing stories well is meeeee.. =)<br />
writing for assignments is not that hard.. I guess you need creativity for stories...<br />
mengyou.. I hope you can write your fiction...

I thought if you could speak, you could write as well. I can not speak well now. Hope that some day I can write a short fiction.

Mostly Aarinfantasy... I love that site.. ;)

same here. i want to improve also. :)<br />
once you have already made a fan fiction, where are you planning to post it?