Does Language Affect The Personality?

English is my second language, my first language is Farsi (Persian).

I think I show different personalities speaking different languages. I even feel different about myself when I speak English than Farsi. It is like I am a completely different person when I am speaking English.

With English I feel more strong and confident but with Farsi I feel more flexible and emotional. One reason can be that I don't feel English, I just speak it, but I can't really express my emotions with English, neither I can get affected by someone else expressing his/her feelings, well to some extent, but it's much different when they speak your mother tongue.

saeidehbakhshi saeidehbakhshi
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I can't express myself in english as well. I don't feel myself when I speak in English. I totally feel like I'm a different person. I can't show the real me. I also find it difficult to start a conversation with someone I don't know.

I actually feel something very similar, that I´m a different person when I speak in spanish than when I speak in english, which is what led me to this webpage. Although its a thought that I´ve come across several times, I haven´t given much thought to why I feel this way. I found your comments about expressing feeling in one language and being more confident in another to be very interesting as well. I also feel that there are certain social situations in which i´m more comfortable thinking/speaking in english, and even in my profesional life, there are times that I find it easier to think/write in spanish, as long as i´m not writing about my own experiences. The latter probably has to do with the fact that I´ve been going to a university in which all classes are taught in spanish, making field specific terminology more familiar in that language. I think it´d be interesting to see what actually happens in my brain when speaking in different languages about the same subjects, if all the same areas are being used, when there is overlap and perhaps most interestingly when and which different patterns emerge. Seems like it might be worth someone´s time to do a study.

Interesting to ponder on :) <br />
I feel more comfortable expressing my emotions in English than in my first language, Malay. I speak two different dialects in Malay; the formal Malay and a regional Malay dialect. I prefer the formal Malay more because it is more refined as compared to the regional Malay dialect that I speak with my family and friends from the same region. <br />
I would have liked English to be my native language because of the opportunities it opens up to native or near native speakers.

That's an interesting aspect! :D