5 Years Of French Others Would Say 4..

I took French 1-2 on 8th grade. Took French 2-4 my freshman year, until they moved me back to 1-2.. I was late the 4th day of school, and didn't know we were taking a test. So I opened my French book, thinking it was an activity. When the teacher saw me, she took me out of the class and talked to my counselor. She convinced her I was cheating and that I wasn't suppose to be in that level. I explained to my counselor that I did take a year of French in 8th grade. When she looked in the computer it said I only took it for 1 semester not a year. So she moved me back to French level 1-2. I was soo mad but didn't say anything I was 13 years old, and was very shy. ANYWAY, I ended up taking French all the way through highschool and ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO FRANCE SINCE THEN..HOPE TO GOD I WILL SOMEDAY ....I WILL..!
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

moi aussi, je ne le pratique pas, mais combien de fois je vois des DVD'S en francais. THAT helps a lot!