I have a big interest in foreign languages and have taken 
several in high school. Whatever was available at each ot the 
high schools I took. 

I do not speak fluently or understand much in any of them, but 
I gave it my best and tried to learn and understand what I could
which is not much. 

But I still enjoyed taking the class and seeing the difference 
in that language compared to Spanish, Deutch, and German 
the other foreign languages I had taken in high school. 

I wish I could have understood each of them and spoke them 
fluently but I cannot. But I still enjoy learning them. And I will 
in time try to learn how to speak each of them fluently. 

French has some similarities to Spanish but the French teacher 
had told my cousin that she shouldn't bring in Spanish because 
of the few similarities she would confuse herself all the more.. 

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When I took several foreign languages I thought Spanish was easiest, and then French, then I thought German and Dutch were the hardest for me. Which is weird cause German was the first language I heard, and my mom is full blooded German and speaks it to this day. But I never did pick up on it, not that she spoke it to my sister's and I when we had been kids. <br />
Thank you I am doing several things right now so I haven't been able to do a lot of looking into it, but the Rosetta Stone teaching language is suppose to be really good and I've thought about checking into that and maybe getting it. <br />
Thank you

SO true!! and thank you!!<br />
I am actually going to learn German that is the one language I've been wanting and trying to learn since I was born in Germany and want to go back someday =) <br />
<br />
Thank you for your comment!!