Me and My Bad French

I learnt most of my french in highschool then after that I went to some alliance francaise to leran it and I stopped around last year september but i'm thinking of going back for some conversation classes before I start university. Si vous voulez parler a moi en francais, mais je pense que je oublie most of my french . . . it's pathetic

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Canadian French with its particular ex<x>pressions and vocabulary, let alone its accent will mess up the standard French that you've acquired in HS, no offense to mes amis quebecois. :-) . <br />
With webcam chats nowadays if you're lucky to find a willing French language pal who can fit you in their time schedule you'd be better off.

I dont remember much from my french.i want to learn so many languages,i think i mix everything.!

i took french in middle and high school, and always got pretty good grades in the written stuff, but when it came to the oral part, forget it! there's something about my tongue that will just not allow french to come off of it!<br />
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i'm kinda rusty now, though. i'd like to brush up on it at some point, because i think it's a cool language!