I Hope You Won't Mind My Ranting...

Especially since this is the first post in the group and I try to keep my budding EP addiction in check lol.

I am a native speaker and a grammar nazi/grammurai, typo/mispelling sniper on top of that. I love languages, not just French or English ;)

While I don't so much mind people who make a conscious effort to speak French or other foreign languages to them, I have a bone to pick with those you use automated translators quite liberally, especially when it's just for style and not to make their point across.

I realize I could just ignore them but I have to barge in and kind of do my best not to shout "Don't butcher that language because you think it looks good, at least ask from a reputable source."

Learning a new language is a wonderful, enduring relationship with not just words and grammar but also with culture and a different state of mind... don't turn it into a meeting a cheap ***** when you're horny, no disrespect to cheap ****** ;-)


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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Salut poulette (cela fait drole de le dire hahaha),<br />
Je comprends totalement l'utilisation des traductions automatisees que j'utilise meme dans les langues que je suis sense connaitre, comme outil de verification simple. Dans les languages ou je perds pied, j'avance a petits pas, avec des petites phrases simples sans equivoque pour eviter que la machine ne tombe dans les pieges de la traduction.<br />
Je suis toujours attriste par les conflits culturels et linguistiques en Belgique... j'espere que tu as raison et que le pays ne va pas se dechirer... surtout en ce moment ou le monde observe la decision du bannissement du voile islamique.