It's My Work Language

As a German translator I use it very often. I started to get to know it when I was 10 or 11. I've learned it for many years. I like this language very much. The grammar is not easy and I still have problems with it, but I have good books on my shelves. They help me. Earlier I had some German penpals. I like Nena and Falco. One of my favourite songs is "Du trägst keine Liebe in dir" from Echt. Really good song. I am a bit sad that there are not too many good German songs (I mean real German so not that mixed language that once they sing the lyrics in English, then in German).
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Peter Maffey, Marius Müller Westernhagen, Herbert Grönemeyer, Kraftwerk, Andrea Berg, Udo Jürgens, Loriot ( not music but good ) and Mario Barth<br />
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Thank you for the comments! I will try Madsen and Tomte as well. I know Xavier Naidoo but not so much. But I will listen to more songs from him. Thanks again!