Hate Nothing

"I am a soldier."

Once I had the hatred in me. 

I could kill and be killed in turn and in death find nothing and weakness.

I have lost the ability to Hate, and thus, the willingness to kill.

"I am a soldier without a spear and sheild"

Old soldiers, who have given up the Hate, turn instead to the poetry of the killing and only the meer likeness of death.  It still consumes them as before, yet now, without the Hate, they can only pretend at it.

"The Hatred is meant to consume all, yet I am unscathed by its blaze"

To Hate to the point of being able to kill is to gain a little piece of your soul.  Some old soldiers gain nearly all of their soul in this manner, and decide that they have gained so much that they can no longer bear to gain more for fear they may burst.

Only through gaining full happiness can one become so warm as to not be burned and fall into the inferno that is the Hate.

"Am I really that heated?"

Some become so hot as to never again be cold.

"I want to fight, I wish to kill and be killed in turn. I want to fall back into the Hate.  But I think perhaps I have too much soul for that now.  Maybe I am too warm?  Maybe Ellie had the right idea and all that's left to me is the poetry"




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Feb 13, 2009