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I like to use metaphors to explain complex thoughts or feelings. I want people to understand what I am trying to communicate, completely. And I always worry about not being understood. So, I tend to use a lot of metaphors in my speech and writing. :-)

It is helpful and it gets my point of view across well. I also make up my own metaphors, which I've been told often, that they're very good and easy to picture! I think I am only good at it, because I am a very imaginative person. If I can not find the words to express myself, I will figure out a metaphor for it and quickly! :-D

Only thing is... when I do this, people see me as a wise elder, sitting on a mountain top, full of answers to life's problems. NO! I'm not that wise and I don't have all of the answers! I am a student, just like anyone else. I just know a few things about life and will share them, if asked. ;-)

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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

Hi im new to this.I think it is a good idea how you use the medaphor to help say what you are feeling.