Te Amo!

'Caecilius est in horto.' (Caecilius is in the garden.)

The most remembered Latin phrase from The Cambridge Latin Course books.

It feels like I've been studying Latin for ages, even though I'm still getting my head around PPPs and genitive endings etc (et cetera - and the rest).

I found that Latin has really helped me to understand French and English a lot better. And regardless of what an idiot once told me, Latin is not a completely dead language.  The fact that my teacher is able to give us chat-up lines in Latin (for if we were ever caught in a steamy moment with the Pope) proves this.

For example:

huc saepe venis?

osculum tibi dare possum?

noli me vocare, ego te vocabo.

solus est?

te amo!

me in matrimonium ducere vis?


Nothing says 'I love you' like saying it in Latin...


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not to mention one of the first sentences we could make was "ancilla dominum delectat in cubiculo."

Your 'BFF'. Who else? Notice the 'idiot' part - it'll all make sense...<br />
<br />

What sort of strange person would say Latin is a dead language??? :O

Yeah, I know - I kind of took it for granted that we have a rare opportunity to learn it. In the UK, over the last ten years, the number of pupils taking Latin GCSEs has more or less doubled, but it still seems a shame that so many don't even get the choice... :)<br />
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Hey that's really good.<br />
I learned Latin at school and uni but was never able to talk in Latin.<br />
It did help me to understand English and French grammar. I found that it also helped me to think logically.<br />
Unfortunately, few schools in Australia teach it now.