I Believe It Is the Correct Thing to Do

I don't mince words. I think it started when girls first peaked my curiosity. Of course at around 10 years old, I was very shy and embarassed and my dad just told me to go up to them and say what I wanted to say. It worked so well that I implemented this to everything. So if I think you're an ******* you better believe that I WILL tell you that I think so. Likewise, if I think you achieved something or did something well, I will tell you that also, even if I don't know you. Good or bad practice? I don't know, but at least everyone knows where they stand with me.

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each to there own good on ya.What a boaring world this would be if we all were the same

I have 2 good friends who subscribe to the same sort of frankness you describe. Most of the time they are just pointing out what others are too nice to say, I have to say in most situations they have been right and for me I've in the end forgiven them their rudeness.

ShortyL - sounds to me that you are a person that I could get along famously with. Good to know that you have a similar mindset to my own.<br />
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ElLagarto - if your post is directed at mine, which, I assume it is, then I have to say, for someone of your supposed much advanced experience compared to my own, you either did not read and understand my post correctly, or, you are one of those bitter souls who troll these boards looking to stir up a shitstorm, even if it is done slyly and indirectly. Say what is on your mind. If you are of the opinion that I am rude, insensitive and have ill manners, then provide the proof and spit it out. Don't tell me what it sounds like, tell me that this is what you think, then at least I know where I stand with you. Make sure you think and understand before you make accusations. Now you run along and have a nice evening. Oh, and please don't darken my day again

Some people confuse rudeness, insensitivity, and ill-manners for candor and honesty. Sounds like you fall into this category. Not everything that is thought must be said. For some people, the claim "I was just being honest" is merely a license to be a thug.

Ha- I love it. I have the utmost respect for people like this because this is what I love. I also do the same, I would say my technique is that if the person allows for it then I will try to do it tactfully, but if the person won't allow for it, then I let them have it, lol. I could get along with someone like you, and if we couldn't get along, I have to admit, you would have my respect:))