Theater Nazis

I have a problem, sometimes, when I speak my mind. An example is in the title.

I rant, I rave, I curse.

I yelled obscenities at a theater and to a crowd- because a movie was rated R and that meant my little brother couldn't go in with me.

Little kids, their aghast mothers and a few miffed employees stared at me as I trudged out of that theater after yelling various obscenities about their refusal to let my brother see obscenities. I believe I yelled something about being an American, followed by a line of F-bombs and called the policy something a little more harsh than bull-puckey.

It was embarassing after my adrenaline and indignation wore off. And I still ended up going into the theater, biting my tongue hard, as my mother had to go out of her way to let my little brother get in to see it.

fadethebutcher fadethebutcher
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

You got turrets? You could get some meds for that.<br />
Man that sucks but your all good. Put a mussel on or something and have a laugh about it.

This makes me LOL.