Very Very Lil! i Took I...

Very very Lil!
I took it in years 7 - 9 so i know all the basics n used it when i went to Tenerife so i know how to order drinks n all that!

I wish i paid more attention in languages as i never thought they would never be needed but we have 2 Lil kids in my nursery n thats all they speak! no English at all! so i keep trying to back track but i get confused between the Lil french n Lil Turkish i know!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 9, 2007

Remember if they speak too fast for you, tell them "Habla mas despacio por favor" (Speak slower please). And if you don't know a word ask "Como se dece, (and then the ob<x>ject in question) Oh yeah, Merhaba!