Solo Un Poco...pero Quiero Mas..

Puedes ayudar?Si?No?Lo siento pero mis espanol es muy fatal.
Yes I know my Spanish sucks now:/ Cause I wasn't practising it such a long long time.I would like to start again it could help me a lot to comunicate with Spanish speaking friends.Could anyone help me?I would be very glad.:)
Muchas gracias :).
MissAgni MissAgni
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Cuentas conmigo. Thats pretty cool wanting to expand ones language knowledge :")

I can help you :)

Oh thx I will be so glad :)

you are welcome. just let me know what you want to know :)

Todo :)

Where should we begin?
(por donde empezamos?)

...From the beginning i guess ..cause i forget nearly everything...

mmm I have never taught spanish in my life. So I don't know where is the beginning.
So I guess with greetings:
hello: hola
how are you?: como estas
good morning: buenos dias
good afternoon: buenas tardes
good night: buenas noches
nice to meet you: gusto en conocerte
What is your name?: como te llamas?

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