I Don't Speak Spanish, But...

I don't speak spanish, but I would always love to learn it.
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EL español es super sencillo... Es mi primera lengua asi que tengo aveces un poco de probleemas con el Ingles... Enseño español si quieres

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lol, thanks for that kshiti, I never have gotten my ll's together right. At least I didn't spell it as cia. :)<br />
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lol, and it helps watching telenovelas! :)

spanish language is very sexy and its easy to learn...espero que estes bien de salud siempre....con carino y amor siempre tu amiga

When I was a kid I could never pick up the language, even though every one I knew spoke it fluently, my mother even hired someone to tutor me but it just wouldn't sink in. When I turned pre-teen I got tired of looking Spanish but not being able to speak it, so I got a sheet of paper folded it in half, and then wrote down every English noun I could think of, such as table, chair, light, wall, water...etc. I then found out the translations for each word...mesa, sia, luz parer, aqua...and so on. (lol, sia might be wrong, it's probably cia) Anyhow, I carried this paper around with me memorizing it and putting the words into simple sentences like. "La mesa esta con la sia" The table is with the chair....as each word became known to me I added more words to my little sheet of note book paper, I already understood the language, I just couldn't speak it well. Over the years it has finally sunk in, I speak it fluently although some folks from Mexico say I speak it like a child. Whatever the case I have actually worked as a translator in a major hospital, and can converse quite well with Spanish speaking people.

chair is not sia is silla ¬¬ I speak Spanish cause is my country official lenguage wall is pared

I speak Spanish and I loved learning it.