I Speak A Little Spanish, But ...

I speak a little spanish, but I'm not very good at learning languages.
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aja ojala aprenadas con el tiempo no es facil xD the best of luck or whatever

Hey all of you. You can practice with me. I'm from Argentina, i'm 18 years old, Here's my Fb if you want to add me www.facebook.com/javii.3- <br />
Have a nice day.

hi, i'm from spain but i'm living in NJ now, maybe we can help each other because my english is not strong.

I've been taking Spanish classes at school for about 8 weeks, and surprisingly I'm finding it very easy.<br />
<br />
Hablo ingles y un poco espanol (it means 'I speak English and a bit of Spanish') =)<br />
<br />
Although, I'm 13 and people say it is easier to pick up a language when you are young. How old are you?

i speak a lil spanish too i wish i could speak more thou :(