A Brit Abroad

I live in Spain although I am not Spanish and dont speak it. I speak Andaluz a strange dialect for the hill folk here, very hard to understand sometimes even for other Spanish. But Andalucia is brilliant, love the food, hate local wine but there is plenty of good stuff in the supermarkets. Oh and not mad keen on flamenco but it is brilliant as seen at the Alhambra against the stunning backdrop of our mountains Sierra Nevad, although I sensibly live on the med side.

Want to look at real unspoilt spain see www.vivacanar.com although it is cáñar (Canya)

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What about Catalan, is that similar?<br />
I have a friend that could speak it and it's very odd.

hi I lived in spain for 10 years, [I only just moved back to england] it was trully an experience that you will never forget,. I spk fluwent spanish ,shame I cant say the same about my english,,lol..<br />
But anyway,Where are you living??<br />
enjoy your life there and cherish every moment ,love and light *Phoenix* x