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Well Spanish is my first language but you wouldn't know that by talking to me.
But I have a serious problem with the way people speak and write in Spanish in the US, it's either Spanglish or a web translation or has terrible grammar.
My question is couldn't they find someone that was fluent to proofread?
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Bueno si puedes encontrar personas que hablen muy bien el español, hay un libro muy bueno "Defensa Apasionada del Idioma español" De Alex Grijelo, un periodista de españa, muy bueno el libro, te deja claro cuales son los problemas que enfrenta el español, como bein mencionas los anglicismos en nuestro idioma y cómo un idioma tan avasallante como lo es el ingles le debe a nuestras lenguas madres (latín, griego, árabe, nahuatl) un mucho de lo que es ahora, tan solo 78000 palabras del inglés son de origen latino, son cómo nuestros primos, ellos usan al latín como si fuera suyo y nosotros que lo tenemos por legado lo despreciamos. Salud y saludos.

The main problem with spanish grammar in the USA is the way in which south american people pronounce characters like "z", "c" or "s". They always pronouce "S" in the three cases, so they do not use the correct character in their written sentences. I thik that this is one of the main problems with spanish in the USA.<br />
I´m telling you this because I am spanish and I have been grown up in a correct speaking in my language. I also had to learn the correct way to write or else I had to suffer some kind of punishment in the teaching system of General Franco´s dictatorial regime (many years ago).Now, when I read southern America´s people writtings,I get astonished.

Here's one I just caught on a billboard "Seguransa" aka insurance. That's not even close to a word.

You've got a point. I can speak fluent Spanish. I hate the effed up translations and Spanglish.

Im pretty white thou I come from Venezuela: my parents were from Argentina, a country that recieved millions of european inmigrants since the beginning of the twentieth century. I lived in the Altamira zone within the Distrito Federal and can´t remember a single black person related to it, not even one in Kindergarten

This is not Billy!<br />
wow you've got a point,<br />
pero mira, yo pienso que cuando una persona de los Estados<br />
Unidos esta<br />
hasiendo una efuerza de hablar el idioma Espanol.<br />
Es una PLUS para ellos.Yo soy Cherokee Soy de NORTH CAROLINA mi primer idioma fue Cherokee.Pero siempre<br />
tenia un deseo de hablar el espanol.Y eso es cuando<br />
yo enpezaba de estudiar.<br />
Yo se que mi espanol no es perfecta, pero estoy <br />
tratando de hablarlo,?No?<br />
Yo hablo ingles tambien.<br />
cuando yo enpezaba de aprender el ingles es cuando<br />
yo movi para Georgia con mi Papa cuando mi Mama<br />
se devorciaron.Mi madrastra era America,y por eso<br />
yo hablo ingles.<br />
<br />
Gracias<br />

well in that case:<br />
<br />
¡eres el coger impresionante!

I totally agree, my gripe was with TV/Newspaper adds that are wrong. Trust me as long as the point gets across who cares.<br />
<br />
I grew up speaking Spanish and spent the first 17 years of my life living in South America and I guess I just get really aggravated when the language gets abused. I've struggled since I was a kid to speak both languages well and without an accent so I kind of feel like if you're going to do something why not do it right?


Spanish was my first language too but it was mostly at home and only spoken. i can't talk for anyone else but in my case i know my grammer sucks and if i try to write sentences it would make anyone who knows how to put a sentence together (sic.) [a little joke].<br />
<br />
While the lack of writing skills is laziness on my part and the product of years of taking spanish in jr and high school for the easy A, i think Spanglish is a product of a much more limited Spanish vocabulary than i would like and getting frustrated and just blurting things out in English i don't know how to translate in my head.<br />
<br />
My parents do the same thing but it's opposite for them, their spanish vocab is infinitely greater than their english one and i think (especially within families and often with friends) as long as the other person you're speaking to understands what you're saying, that's all that matters, bad grammer / spanglish or not.<br />
<br />
how else do you explain ubonics? ;)

oh that kicks total A S S. you go guy. that is so f'ing hot. I love you. WTF were they being so rude. Little foreign dip s h i t s!!! Who the hell do they think they are? If I was there I would have kicked all three of them in the balls. You're so hot it drives me crazy. Wow, i'm really starting to like Spanish.

I'll give you a great example, this happened to me last week.<br />
I get in an elevator and I'm on my cell phone (on business call) and there are 3 Hispanic guys in the elevator one says to the other (in Spanish) "wow this guy can't wait to make a phone call" and the other guy says "f'ing bald white guy".<br />
So I answered in perfect Spanish, "how much do you like your job?" they said they were sorry and told them to watch what they say, you never know who knows Spanish.

why would people talk bad about u? u are great!!!!

Take the pjs off!<br />
Anyway you'd be surprised how many times people talk **** about me in spanish and then I talk back to them and they freak out.<br />
Ok, let's get back to sex...

yeah, i have to agree with you about what you said. I have always thought speaking another language would be cool. I took French in highschool and passed the class with an A-. I think it would be cool to speak Spanish too. It would be nice to know every language by heart so when I'm standing in line at the grocery store and somebody walks up to me speaking rubbish or having a conversation I would know what the hell they are talking about. That would be a lot of hard work and is not totally impossible, but I am too obsessed with having sex to care that much about what an old lady from London is saying to her grand daughter. Now excuse me while I slip out of these soft pj's and into something really sheer.

I'm just saying you wouldn't see ads on TV or on Billboards with misspelled or made up words in a Spanish speaking country like you do in many parts of the US.<br />
<br />
Trust me I hate it when people generalize. Just because I speak Spanish I get asked if I'm Mexican and then when I say I'm not I get asked then I get asked if I'm from Spain.<br />
Then I explain I'm from Venezuela and they say I didn't know they had white people there.<br />
<br />
Anyway all I'm saying is if you're going to publish something in Spanish have someone that knows the language look at it.

I think that you shouldn't lump everyone in the U.S. and associate them with bad grammar in Spanish.<br />
<br />
Grammar is very important to me in both languages and I don't appreciate the generalization.