Poquito Espanol

Its a shame I don't speak more fluent Spanish. I took 2 years of it in college and 2 years in high school. I just don't seem to retain what I can't use. I live in an area where Spanish is the second, well maybe first spoken language. Though its not the same dialect for everyone. I mean I live in a transient area where people all over the world live, for a short while then move. So the Spanish could be not only from 20 different countries, it can be hundreds of different dialects. I have tried to speak to my fellow peers with the limited Spanish in which I remember and I usually get a giggle and a correction in my use and no matter how much I work on improving my knowledge and next Spanish speaker will correct me again because their dialect is different. I think if I could learn just one dialect and practice and master it, then I could learn the others. Trying to learn them all at once is too confusing.

So I'm Poquito Espanol. My little Spanish has helped me in instances where someone approaches me for money and I pretend I don't speak English. No habla Ingles. I say. It works because there's so many people who don't. Plus I do that shaking my head thing with the puzzled look. They usually walk away disappointed and I don't take the risk of being robbed.

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Oh, you were just cheating BellaFairy, LOL, I think I could master it then, less confusion ;~) and you're right its very complicated with 2 past tenses and 2 present tenses and the changing the spelling of the words depending on who you're speaking with and which tense.... Urg... I think I would have to do what you did to ever get it right.<br />
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thanks destiney24 ;~)