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I learned spanish through a immersion program at my school that went from kindergarten all the way through high school. It began with most classes in spanish(for this reason, if I want to do long division....a song about it in spanish pops up in my head) and some in english, and slowly lessened to one class a day in high school. I love knowing another language, especially spanish. I think it adds a different perspecive on life that I otherwise would not have. It also opens up a world of literature, that though available in english-makes much more sense and flows so beautifully in spanish. Upon graduating high school I considered myself fluent in spanish, though I have not used it enough in years since so I now say I am almost fluent. I would like to use it more.


Aprendi espanol en mi escuela en una programa de inmersion que duro desde el kinder hasta high school. Empezo con casi todos las classes en espanol(y por esto, cuando quiero hacer la division larga me recuerdo una cancion en espanol que expique como hacer lo) y unos en ingles. Eventualmente solo habia una clase por dia en espanol durante high school. Me encanta el lenguaje espanol, y que ha tenido el oportunidad a aprender lo. Pienso que ayuda me ver el mundo con un perspectivo differente que no tendre sin el espanol. Tambien abre un nuevo mundo de literatura, que si es disponible en ingles, pero es mas accesible y se mueve en una manera bellisimo en espanol. Cuando graduo el high school, pense que podia hablar espanol con fluidez. Ahora no tanto, habla casi con soltura. Quiero usar la mas.

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Im going to Granada, Spain next month but I cant speak one word of Spanish. Maybe you can teach me some? ;-)

I used for the word"disponible" and the phrase "con soltura". The rest is all me, and I know it is not perfect. It has been 6 years since I have spoken spanish every day, so I have lost some fluency. I would like to be better.

I'm Spanish...<br />
Did you use a translator to write that in Spanish? There are things wrong.