My History Part 1 - Meeting Deep Trance Medium

Darryl: Okay, we're starting. Bernard, if you can tell us about your, a little of your background that led you to... I suppose you were (holding to something) like a light worker type of philosophy, and up to the point where you confronted a demon. 'Cause you didn't believe in them. So if you could just give us a little…

 Bernard: Okay. I grew up as a… in a Christian home and I was a reborn Christian, a part of the local prayer group. So uh, participating in it pretty much fully – meaning that I participate in everything and I was absolutely convinced of being saved by Jesus. That pretty much continued into after school, into my first few years at varsity, university, studying there – studying law. Then the first time my curiosity was tweaked was I met a man that looked at me and started telling me things about me that nobody knew and I was obviously very curious, because it’s like… impossible things… even what age did I have what illness, events that took place with me in my past… 10 years and longer ago. So I asked some questions and, I didn’t realize at that stage what was really going on and he gave me a strange answer, he said to me he can read it in my eyes, so obviously I started doing some research and the closest I could get was iridology, so I did some iridology courses, read the books of Jensen.

He wrote, basically the books of iridology and what was fascinating: in the eyes was a map of the physical body, you could see if there was any form of disease brewing, or a disease already manifested. So I was, from there it went on to a lot of reading about homeopathy, very intrigued by the principles of homeopathy, which basically deals with the premise that like cures like and that the primary medicines they’re using, the way they are formulating it in homeopathy is working on the spirit of the substance in a way, it’s like an imprint more than a vibration, because even at an undetectable level, which means at a level where there act no vibrations measurable, the effect is still measurable. So, obviously one must go and study yourself, these things, you can read the books from Hahnemann, or have a look especially from Europe, homeopathy spread around the world so, and it’s basically utilizing what is here to assist with correcting dysfunctions.

From there I was exposed, one evening, to a strange event. I was watching TV, at that stage the very same man that I met has become my father-in-law. So I’m watching TV and the next moment, he said in a strange voice: ‘Put off the TV.’
So, I put off the TV and there was another voice speaking through the body, and that was the first time I was exposed, unexpectedly, to a deep trance medium. Then I only started finding out that he’s been able to do that since childhood and that he’s done extensive research at University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg with people like Professor Haarhoff and Arthur Blacksley in studies of particularly materialization, healing and related matters, and that they’ve actually been in sessions where materializations actually happened, which was observed by various of these scientists from the university. He was also utilizing his particular gifts during the Second World War, in the service of the army. So he started, kind of exposing me to things that I have never been exposed to. From my perspective, I was being quite convinced of that, that if I understood the bible correctly, that if God is everything then, there is nothing but God, then evil as such or the devil as such can not exist by the very definition of ‘Almightiness’. So that caused obviously quite a few shock waves in the family when I started expressing that from my perspective the devil cannot exist, according to the scriptures and that the only evil was in the mind of man. I was then exposed to various of the pastors from churches that tried to convince me that the devil did exist and they used the bible for that and I was quite, found that quite fascinating because, using the bible to convince me about the devil – I’m really not interested. To me it simply didn’t exist. Man in essence, from my perspective, was inherently good, but simply through exposure through various pressures: environment, social, cultural and so on – man became something that was weak, in a way.

: So you didn't… the 'original sin aspect – you didn't think it was valid?

Bernard : It could not be valid from my perspective, because we’re the image and likeness of God and God couldn’t make mistakes, so I considered that, but from my perspective, if I would utilize choice as my reason for sin, then I am simply choosing not to be the image and likeness of God, which is the, I mean, a fallacy in itself because I am making a deliberate choice of something that I know to be a denial of my true nature, according to the scriptures, to be the image and likeness of God. So I pushed that point of the image and likeness of God and I studied more and more, I did a lot of reading, I went to various circle development groups, meditation groups, I started investigating psychics to find out if there is anything valuable or valid about it, I had my father-in-law as a deep-trance medium – he could do bi-location, he could indicate events that would happen later on by reading, by simply sitting here and bringing the event forward to himself, as if time would be folded and then say what will happen, and to such a degree that 50% of the time it did happen, 50% of the times it didn’t so that confused me a little bit because: why didn’t it?

What was fascinating about the deep-trance medium was that there was a Door Keeper – the Door Keeper was always the one that would speak first, and that would allow the others through – so it was very clear that there was some form of discipline, and in some instances, beings from the afterlife would come through and speak, specifically trying to give messages through to their family that they’re not dead, but they were then quickly removed from the medium, and then the Door Keeper would say: sorry, they were not supposed to speak, they’re supposed to stand in line and wait their chance. But they never got a chance to speak. At that stage I was already reading a lot of the channellings from angels, arch-angels, the Michael Teachings… I studied many of the various teachings of Ramallah, Seth, all kinds of… and I found a lot of things in there that made sense, read The Pleiadian Agenda and all the mean time, looking at meditation and understanding: what is the point of us being here, because seemingly, I found a fascinating thing is that psychics and mediums can normally never help themselves, so they can help other people, but their lives are normally in a mess. And you can see it, especially when you start to get closer to them, that during the times when they are ‘spreading the word/the message’ they are one person, the moment that is no longer what they are doing, they would become immediately just a normal person with normal ****… gossiping and doing all the stuff that would be seen as ‘normal human social behavior’ which was a contradiction to the message they were giving, which was, I found that very curios because: it is as if they were living 2 lives. To me that didn’t makes sense, because you either live something, or you don’t, but what was very clear for me, at that stage, was that obviously I interpreted it that God is testing us in multiple ways, and that in essence it is about our intent and our actions.

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Feb 12, 2009