My History Part 2 - Talking to Beings From the Afterlife

Bernard : I had a fortunate experience after studying is that I became a policeman. Four and a half years, I was in the police force, trained in crowd control, I was a fraud detective, and I saw something there that was quite disheartening, I studied law, and I realized in my time at the police that there was no law… That there was no protection to the average man in any way, whatsoever, and that there are people that are deliberately, virtually evil.

Darryl : Did that realization just creep up on you or was it a gradual process?

Bernard : It was, gradually as I was working with people and I had always a notion of discuss things even with the criminal to understand their behavior, their reason why, and mostly. They were either addicted to drugs, or they are greedy – they want a lot of money, or they’re in financial trouble. Violence mostly came from alcohol, which was the experience while I was in the police, in terms of the cases we were dealing with… there was also groups that would work together that has deliberately taken on society, as a form of a gang to generate income and to specifically target the gullibility of the average human being. And they would get away with it, because the average human being is truly gullible and have no notion that they could be deliberately deceived in their face, and therefore they deliberately deceive in the face.

But during that time in the police, I met a lady which was a psychometrist, we used psychometry and I tested psychometry extensively and found a few interesting points where, for instance: that if one use a photograph to do a psychometric reading, the more photographs of the same person you put together, the stronger the signal would be, the more information they’re able to get out… and we looked at that information and I tested it by actually following it up – some cases it was so, some cases it wasn’t.
What seemed to be very clear was that the person reading the information had a definitive impact on what information would come through and how they interpret it. And therefore it is quite a difficult thing and it seems that there was some kind of barrier – you could only get certain information. Up to that stage, at no time and I had then sessions with my father-in-law, as medium, several times a week. So I was fortunate, I had my own, full-time deep-trance medium.
In the beginning, he could not trance without the generation of energy – we used a church organ, the organ sounds of church music to generate energy, then the beings would come through to talk, the people from the afterlife, one after the other and we would record the sessions. For about an hour they can continue and then the energy would drop, and they would say ‘the energy is dropping’. Eventually I… what they said normally is you need quite a number of people in a group together that talks the whole time to generate vibrations so that the beings can actually speak through the body. Now in a deep-trance medium, for instance, when the being comes through, the person who was in the body, actually… disappears – they do not remember a thing.

With one event, I learned something fascinating, because at one stage, my father-in-law wanted to die, he tried to get out of the body and I was instructed how to bring him back into the body and… what they call ‘pulling back’ and it was very clear that he was outside his body and that they had to get him back inside his body. So from that perspective, I understood that it was possible to leave the body. I didn’t really understand at that stage, the impact of that particular event, but I did as they showed me what to do and I pulled him back into the body, his wife was there as well, she was with, and the 2 of us together pulled him back in the body and he was very angry because he wanted to die. He wanted to leave the body and he said to me: you can not trust anyone in heaven.

He says: you can trust no-one. To me that was, like, strange and I did not believe him – I thought he was simply just angry because he had to do things in the war that he was, he felt heaven should never have put in front of his door… and he blamed heaven for those choices he had to make. So from my perspective he was simply angry and that is… his form of revenge, was directed at the spirit world, for what happened in the Second World War. Because in the Second World War, he had to make a choice between 2 friends of different sides of the war, and he had to kill one of them to protect his men, and he had to slit the throat of the being because it was in the ‘danger zone’, behind the lines, so he was absolutely disgusted with having to do that. So, in the exposure obviously now with discussing me with many beings, some hundred that’s been on earth hundreds of years ago, and then they would discuss their existence. One being that came through, a lot was Kaiser Van Hellem Van Hellenzollerin from Byron… he came through. We had many discussions - discussions with various beings. None of the discussions though, ever would be awfully spiritual, although some would come through and pray, for instance: Paul Kruger – he used to be the president of the Union of the Transvaal a long time ago – would come and pray for his people, and the would talk about God as the White Light in whose face you cannot stand, you can not face it, the light is too bright. So I was intrigued by that because God was depicted as The Light. D: Had you ever heard of God as a White Light? Not… never particularly, although, yes there is mentionings of that in the bible – God as Light. I studied the bible quite extensively. So, by the time I finished in the police, I’ve had 4 and a half years of regular channellings, on average about an hour and a half at a time… I’ve seen various phenomena, for instance where with a single movement, a cat would become without any life force, the cat would turn like into a fur that you can place over my arm, that’ll fold over my arm. There was a particular fear about cats, so they wanted cats to not be close to the deep-trance medium, they said that it interfered with the ectoplasm. There was also a point of light, the channel couldn’t bear bright light at all, so it had to be done in semi-darkness – light would cause extensive pain to the body. Also, meat was not allowed to be eaten, if a being eat meat they will throw up… and obviously my father-in-law deliberately tried to eat meat to try and stop the gift, or the skill, or the ability to channel… but he was a healer, so…. D: Did he have a specific group that he was, that sort of constellated around him? Nothing – he did not want anything to do with it. After his studies he did not form groups, nobody came him, he did no readings for anyone, he was basically just a healer that do healing using homeopathy. And when I came on the scene, it seemed to have activated all of those things again – if I have a headache, for instance, I would go him and then he put his hands on me to take the headache away – he could do **** like that. He would go into trance, where he demonstrated, for instance, cataleptic paralysis where the body turns into a statue, so you’re standing there like a statue, you can’t move it, which is fascinating… moving things, like closing doors, opening doors using ectoplasm – you basically use ectoplasm for that. Ectoplasm, what was explained to me was that: ectoplasm was not in the same quantity in all bodies – some people carry more ectoplasm and they could, they become deep-trance mediums. He was born with the ability, it was not something that he was trained in. He predicted the abdication of the king of England many, many years ago, and that happened as a child and therefore, because that happened – that prediction – they called him The Prophet, because he made predictions that, for instance, like that that happens.

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