When Somebody Loved Me

Each day...
I woke up.
I put on my beautiful white dress with my white ribbon.
Sit as I get my hair curled and dolled up in make up.
I sit there,
Staring at myself in the mirror...
Hoping someone will love me.
I look down at my fragile small hands.
Then I looked up at the mirror.
There stood the person that loved me.
I ran to her, into her arms.
she showers me with love.
she twirls me around and bring giggles out my mouth.
She sets me down on the ground...
I run out the door, with my curls bouncing.
I hear her innocent and soft voice.
"I'm gonna get you honey"
My giggles grew louder.
"You can't catch me!"
I ran towards the swings. Hopped on and swinged.
She pushed me with her soft gentle hands.
I smile and laugh.
Higher mommy higher!
I turn to look at her.
Her sweet angelic face made from god himself.
I swing in the air and I jump off,
Right into her ocean of love and comfort.
I smile at her...
"Thank you for loving me"
That's when somebody loved me.
rae16 rae16
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Beautiful Rae.

Thanks Hun :)

This is beautiful Rae. People still love you even when you can't feel it.


That really IS beautiful! Awwww....