Boys and Thongs

last week i wanted to go to the beach to tan and swim for the day . one of my friends told me about a nice place to go and relax and tan and swim,he also told me it was a gay beach and a lot of nude men as well . i dont have a problem with gay men or women ,and i do have a few gay friends and i love them very much . i have never been to a gay or nude beach,but i was getting very arouse and my emotions very high about seeing other nude men on a beach . that night i packed a small bag for the beach ,put my chair and bag in my car , and i was all set to go the next morning for the beach . that morning when i got out of bed i was very excited about what i might see when i got there i only has a 1 hour drive . and could not wait to get there .the sky was blue and the early morning sun was warm . i was thinking what i was going to wear to the beach ,i always wear a g string or thong to tan in on the beach .today i was going to wear a new white g string with a very small back,which did not cover very much at all , i have no problem showing my body to any one .i love the feeling when people like to look at me in my g strings and the fact they dont cover that much at all . i left my house at 7am and got there 8am as i got out of my car ,i was about 6 guys walking down to the beach and the only thing they had on were t shirts and thongs and nice tans . i could not help my self but look at their butts as we were walking toward the beach . when i got there the sand was very clean and white .the other guys were seting up their chairs next to me ,i did not want to be next to any one but what was i going to do? as they finish siting up their chairs ,they took off their shirts , i has just taken off my shorts when i looked over and saw 6 men in thongs just walking around the beach.  i got a very warm feeling between my legs and i could feel my member getting very hard . at that time i took my shorts off with a stiff **** showing off it self in my tiny g string ,my fear was it may jump out ,i set in my chair so no one could see me ,but 2 of the guys was i had a hard on and they has their eyes on my **** . i did not want to make eye contact but it was to late.a short time later 4 more guys ,walked over to the other 6 and they were talking and having a good time .one of them said lets get in the water ,well just then is when they all took off their thongs and got in the water.i never saw any like it in my life 10 nude men in front of me all wiht great tan lines and some of themwall hung,i know one must have been a good 7inches long soft .my **** was so hard watching these guys in the water . as they were getting out of the water some of them were bigger now.i did not know what to do but just look and enjoy the view,iwill never forget this day,.

4 Responses Aug 30, 2009

wish i could have been there to help with your stiff one the men could have watched me do you

Sounds like thong heaven that beach!

There's hardly anyting more enjoyable to look at than a well built guy in with a ***** in a speedo. The only thing better is if he is peeing through his speedo with his *****, which I had the awesome luck to almost see one time when I was at a beach in Ft. Lauderdale. Actually he was not still peeing, but you could tell he had just finished doing so as his navy blue suit was totally dry everywhere except where his bone stiff **** had just finished its deed leaving a shiny, very wet streak all the way down the front of his suit.

very good and inspireing like to see more