Wearing Speedos

Yes I wear speedos, I have since I was 13 at the YMCA and then to the lake, I was in the swim team in high school and college. They got me more than my share of compliments and dates from men and women. When I am not wearing them at the beaches I go nude. I can't even understand why someone would want to wear shorts down to their knees when swimming or sunning them selves. The feel of the water on my body and the comfort is great. I can't  imagine someone complimenting a guy wearing baggy gangsta style shorts on his attire.

If people are sensitive of a bulge in a guys crotch I think they have a problem. It is part of a man stupid. I don't go up to women a tell them to put a binder around their chest if their  **** are to big or saggy!

It seems that American  feminist and the Christian right  have done a great brain washing of a generation  of Americans and have turned boys and men into insecure wimps

I have gotten more dates and compliments because I have had them on. Most saying that they wish their men had the balls and the security to do what makes them feel good. 

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bispeedo definitely has it right. I am so glad I live in the UK where speedos are, so far, readily accepted. Mind you, there are plenty of young guys who wear floor-dragging so-called shorts these days even here. Show your thighs, guys, they may be your best attribute.

If you have to wear anything for swimming, speedos have to be the ideal thing. I love being exposed in that way, and I try to make sure my bulge is unmissable, which is a big part of the point of wearing speedos. It's only part of me, but it is a part of me!

Automatrix said it perfectly -- dork shorts are the male burqa. Couldn't agree more.

I too enjoy speedos. And bispeedo is right, thanks to the feminists and the religious right (strange bedfellows wouldn't you agree) I can't use the few left in my collection. <br />
<br />
And women who wear speedos are also very attractive to me.<br />
<br />
Sadly, not to many of them do either.<br />
<br />
(at one time I had close to 30 in my collection, back in the 1970s when I was a lot younger.

Great story, we are from England and we've been in the States on holiday and hardly see a speedo