What If....

Lately, I've come to think only about one thing - my island.  Quite often they are bitter thoughts for what should have been.  It's a tiny island with a history that goes back to stone age man - proof of this is the oldest free standing temple in Europe - Ggantija (the giants' temple).  It has its own characteristic landscapes - Dwejra - the Azure Window is the most awesome.  It has quaint little villages that tell stories of the past by the narrow twisted roads that always come up to the main square and a dominating building - the local church.  In each square, there is usually a cross around which people used to gather in the evenings, and chat and tell tales of that ending day.  It's a simple life on this island where winters are short, and summers long, dazzled with the bright strong light of a sun so strong that it bares the fields from greenery and scorches the rocks.  This island I live on doesn't boast of rivers or mountains.  It has little streams instead, when rain falls in torrents, and it is called the island of the three hills, because it is hilly, no doubt about that.  It forms part of another two islands, one called Comino (the smugglers' hiding), and Malta which is the main island.  I believe that this island can make great strides, even though it is so small.  And yet, it is repressed, held back, checked, from developing into the paradise island it should be.  I think about the island's education system, and how many ideas were tossed overboard simply because it wouldn't do that such ideas would first be developed in Gozo, before Malta.  I think about all those unique views that have been tampered with to suit always the rich, to become richer.  We have a fort in Gozo, known as Chambray Fort, which now resembles a lifeless village, full of apartments and blocks of buildings for sale, but which nobody can afford.  That could have been used as a conference centre, where exhibits are displayed, dramas and plays are held, and used as a leasure and recreational area.  No Gozitan has ever set foot in this fort.  This heritage was sold, and so it doesn't belong to the Gozitan community anymore.  I think about the places on interest that have been neglected, Ggantija among them.  I think about areas in Gozo which can easily be used as parks - all it takes is planting more trees as a start.  But there is not one single park for families to go to with their children.  All that can be seen is neglect.  I like to think about how I would make beaches more accessible to people and tourists, but what we get is a fight to save a beach from being taken over and developed into a private setting.  I love to think about my island as independent from Malta, to have a say in what is right for Gozo, to develop without any hurdles, to be accepted as the individual island that it should be.  I love to think that there is a unversity in Gozo, even if it is a foreign one, with hordes of students roaming the town and an educational setting that Gozo so badly needs.  Instead, students have to cross over to the only university in malta which preaches fair marks, but practices unfairness ever with maltese.  I love to think of more jobs that can easily be given on the island, because it needs them.  Instead, workers have to work in Malta to get a living even though there is need of them in Gozo, but Malta comes first.  Lately, Gozitans have started emigrating again because things have gone so much worse, and yet maltese authorities come over and brag about how much they're doing for Gozo.  People are afraid to speak out.  It's such a shame.  I want a more beautiful and clean environment, with more trees against soil erosion, the strong sun in summer, and pollution; I want a better education where one is able to continue studying and not held back;  I would like to see a free island.  That's what I think about.

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sounds like good thoughts, I hope you see some of your dreams coming to fruition. x@