I Spend Time Alone

I never was a big man, and I don't think that I will ever be one. it all started out when I was younger. I used to party with the fellas every weekend. Every time that I wanted to visit my girl friend in the near bye city work got harder. So hard that I would go home after work and sleep. After a while I got suspicious that my friends were plotting against me being with her. I stopped partying, and focused on making a nice home world for me and my girl friend. My girl friend eventually broke up with me for not visiting enough. I quit my job and left the province. I did not want to be manipulated by my friends in such a way. I just sort have been on my own ever since. I am not a rich man trying to make a nice home, but I got pretty good at entertaining myself, buying the latest movies from the video store and plenty of video games to play. Being bisexual I even started cross dressing when I am alone, or go to gay events. I have plenty of school text books as well. I am trying to get out more lately, because I have come to the conclusion that there were only a couple of guys who were alcoholics who wanted me to go partying with them all the time. They were young at the time as well. We all were a bit ignorant and young at the time. I look forward to meeting new people, hopefully gay ones or some nice women to be friends with.
sisypwimp sisypwimp
41-45, M
Jul 18, 2010