Yes, It's True

Yes, I am a loner. I choose to be a loner, and I hate it. I hate it even more now that I admit it.  I have social anxiety, which makes my life so complicated. Maybe one day  I'll awake and this will all be the past. Underneath it all, I really am a friendly outgoing person, due to my illness it sets me back from many things in life. I've missed out on so much because of my weaknesses.

"God sets the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight"
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

hey sweetie, you know, the first and most important person to love is YOU. I know you already know that. You're pretty awsome, so what's not to love? I think that most people feel like the odd man out from time to time. These inner insecurities are just part of what makes us human and it's normal. <br />
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I've probably said it before, but seriously, check out the law of attraction. There's oodles of stuff on the internet. It's pretty awsome too. We love you here on EP.

A side-note to all that has been said is that it is not necessarily a bad thing to be a loner. I am very outgoing to and understand how you feel, though I do not have the anxiety and therefore have my friends. <br />
But perhaps instead of viewing this as an illness, try and see how it could be a gift. It is a gift to make you a stronger person, like your God-quote in a sense. <br />
Perhaps if you tested the limits of this anxiety, or in a weird "reverse psychology" way attempted to put yourself in these anxious places on purpose and enjoy the anxiety. Be happy not despite the insecurity, but BECAUSE of it. Just for the irony. If it doesn't work then so be it. Sometimes ideas don't work. <br />
Although I still suggest you put yourself out there, and embrace the anxiety. Just accept it and over time you will get used to the situation at hand.<br />
I will never forget this quote-<br />
<br />
Humans can adapt to anything.<br />
(From the book Poster Boy, by an amazing author whose name I can't remember. Dede something.)<br />
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That little sentence has so much power in it. It certainly helped me. And whenever I see someone talking of their problems I immediately start to think how strong a person they are, because they have those problems and openly talk about them, and endure them. Not because they have conquered them. Although that would be pretty amazing also.

We're on the same boat, my friend. But you are still young, there are so many things to enjoy while you're young. Look at the end of the tunnel, keep that bright smile and you'll be fine.